192 beachfront suites. Miles of pristine coastline. Countless of hidden spots just waiting to be discovered. An air of romance amid swaying palm trees. This is Seaside Suites.

An adults-only oasis in Riviera Maya located at Kantenah Bay, El Dorado Seaside Suites is mixture of modern-architecture, luxury, and authentic Mexican service. Every part of the resort is designed for a truly intimate experience.

The moment you step into the breathtaking lobby you realize you’re in for something special. And the resort does not disappoint. The exclusive Gourmet Inclusive® Experience, delivers the best of Mexico to every guest throughout the 192 opulent beachfront suites divided in two categories, 10 specialty restaurants and nine bars. The beachfront terrace is not only spacious, but offers some of the most beautiful views of the resort, making it great for weddings or private events. The Naay Spa is a place where you can revitalize the mind, body and spirit with some of the greatest treatments offered in all of Riviera Maya.

The amazing cuisine, the romantic atmosphere and the outstanding amenities all add up to a getaway unlike any other. And it’s only at El Dorado Seaside Suites.